Bird Flu Spreads In Western Europe European Union veterinary specialists on Wednesday backed programs to improve surveillance of migratory birds and stricter bans on imports as officials scrambled to get methods to curb the pass on of deadly bird flu in European countries. With Austria and Germany saying wild birds within their countries examined positive for deadly H5N1, the European Commission accepted a lot more than $2 dmae bitartrate .26 million for surveillance applications and added testing to make sure early recognition of bird flu outbreaks. The panel of veterinary specialists also backed programs to suspend the import of untreated feathers from all non-EU countries.

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The analysis was carried out between December 2001 and January 2003.A diagnosis of bipolar disorder was dependant on numerous questionnaires and surveys and reviewing data about past mental health remedies and records. The experts discovered that the prevalence of positive screening outcomes for life time bipolar disorder was 9.8 % and do not differ significantly by age, sex, or race/ethnicity. Eighty-one individuals who screened positive for bipolar disorder sought specialized help for his or her symptoms, but only 9 reported finding a medical diagnosis of bipolar disorder.