Canadian doctors plan to shorten waiting lists The medical profession in Canada is rolling out a scheme that’s setting ‘benchmarks’ for how very long patients should have to hold back for key medical services, which range from hip and knee replacement to cardiac care during sexual arousal . The program, conceived by several physicians’ groups referred to as The Wait Time Alliance of Canada, outlines strategies which would significantly shorten the time Canadians are looking forward to treatment and among the countless recommendations suggests MRIs ought to be available within a day for emergency cases, within seven days for urgent instances and within thirty days for semi-urgent cases.

The onset of autumn and winter is often the time when human being contact with bats increases as bats start looking for places to hibernate for the winter. Anyone who has been bitten or scratched by a bat, or suspects they have been, should clean and clean the bite or scratch thoroughly with soap and drinking water and seek immediate medical attention. To avoid bats from coming indoors, seal holes in screens and any other small openings around the home as bats will get into through holes that have become small.