It is believed there remain 1,700 individuals in Britain who cannot access the drugs, and the reason given by most units is a lack of money. David Isenberg, the elected president of the British Society for Rheumatology, says doctors have become frustrated if they have individuals who clearly qualify for anti-TNF intervention but cannot get it. He says these specific drugs offer comfort and hope to individuals who have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and are apt to be affected by high levels of disability and pain, which makes living very difficult daily.The rapidly evolving Life Sciences industry in the Asia Pacific region is facing a number of challenges including the introduction of new blockbuster drugs, sector restructuring, healthcare system adjustments, and pressure on sales and marketing teams to use more and productively efficiently. Life Sciences companies are seeking cost-effective, ready-to-use technology solutions that will assist them address these difficulties and to remain competitive in the market place. To be able to meet customers’ requirements, Hitachi and Cegedim are merging their strengths to better serve their clients and prospects.