We are also contacting women to make a personal commitment to demand more research into ladies's cardiovascular disease, the leading healthcare danger that every woman faces. To mark the beginning of Heart Disease Awareness Month, Cedars-Sinai healthcare professionals shall dress in red and meet up with at 11 a.m. For an organization photo that has been a Cedars-Sinai tradition. Dressing in reddish colored demonstrates support for heightened awareness of cardiovascular disease risk factors along with increased open public education on gender differences in heart disease.Meanwhile, new medications have got proved disappointing. Trials of one drug, torcetrapib, ended abruptly because the drug elevated mortality risk and raised blood pressure. The class of diabetes drugs called thiazolidinediones boost HDL, but also seem to raise the threat of cardiovascular problems. The once highly touted weight-loss drug rimonabant, which blocks the brain receptors activated by marijuana, does raise HDL; nevertheless, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration lately refused to approve it since it also appears to elevate risk for psychiatric complications like depression. Scientific trials of a gene therapy based on his research are under way.