Canadian study finds immigrant women may be at greater risk of having a baby with a birth defect Immigrant women are less likely to use folic acid supplements before pregnancy to avoid spina bifida, those who recently immigrated to the country particularly, according to a new study led by a St. Michael’s Hospital physician in collaboration with Statistics Canada, Wellness Canada and the University of Toronto online . The study is the first to supply nationwide estimates of pre-being pregnant folic acid use in Canada. Our study’s findings report that while about six in 10 Canadian-born moms take folic-acid products in the three-month period before conception, mothers from non-western countries – China, Northern African, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Latin American or South Pacific countries – are less likely to use the supplements, St.

They provide me the opportunity to try some potentially really exciting new remedies while also helping to increase our knowledge of the disease. Four years ago I was informed I might only have 2 yrs to live, so right now everything is a reward and I’m so grateful for all your care and attention I’m getting. Gary said: Cancer research is indeed important. It really is great information that Glasgow really, where I am treated, is becoming a Cancer Analysis UK Centre. I’m so thankful for the amazing skills of everyone who’s helping me through my cancers experience. The Centre will build on Glasgow’s top notch research in the areas of medication discovery and how malignancy spreads around the body. The focus will become on analysis into bowel chronic and malignancy myeloid leukaemia, attempting to make new discoveries in basic cell biology assisting to translate those into new treatments then.