Breakthrough discovery by scientists can lead to a fresh treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease New research in the FASEB Journal shows that manipulation of the brain’s very own immune cells with IL-6 may lead to reversal of Alzheimer’s disease pathologyA breakthrough discovery by scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, can lead to a fresh treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease that truly removes amyloid plaques-taken into consideration a hallmark of the disease-from individuals’ brains. This discovery, released online in The FASEB Journal are activated by the interleukin-6 proteins , they actually remove plaques rather than causing them or building them worse.These unhappy creatures are fed recycled feed from lifeless chicken carcasses, discarded offal , poultry manure, and a multiplicity of drugs and chemicals. Can these chickens actually be healthy? How about the human being who eats them? Poultry soup: good for what ails youChicken soup is wonderful for what ails you and even helps the body’s disease fighting capability. Dr. Stephen Rennard and a group at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found anti-inflammatory properties in poultry soup that soothes sore throats and eases the misery of colds and flu.