The influence of low vitamin and calcium D deficiency on joint symptoms has been studied with combined results. Only some observational studies have associated vitamin D with knee osteoarthritis and outcomes from full-scale randomized trials have been sparse. In today’s study, we addressed for the first time in a full-level, randomized clinical trial placing, the clinically relevant query of whether postmenopausal females using calcium and supplement D supplements in presently recommended dosage would experience any favorable effect on joint discomfort or swelling, common symptoms in postmenopausal females, says business lead investigator Rowan T.Burzynski. It must be mentioned that Ms. Cassileth includes a long history of downplaying the significance of complimentary or alternate cancer treatment options. Don’t miss Dr. Burzynki’s response – in his own words. This week’s guest: Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. – Mass media Lies: Tumor Doctor Speaks Out Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. – ‘Press Lies: Cancer Doctor Speaks Out’ – Thu. Mar. 24 Arthur Schopenhauer once said: ‘Every truth passes through three levels before it is identified. In the first it really is ridiculed, in second it really is opposed, in the 3rd it is thought to be self-evident.’ Clearly, with regard to natural and cancer, safe alternatives to regular oncology, we find ‘diabolical opposition.’ LIVE Display – Don’t Miss It! Dr.