The Wall Road Journal: New, Higher Hurdle To Deduct Treatment Starting next year, taxpayers will only have the ability to deduct medical expenses that exceed 10 percent % of their adjusted revenues. For years that threshold provides stood at an already formidable 7. The change impacts taxpayers who itemize deductions on Plan A of the 1040 form rather than taking the typical deduction . Related StoriesNHS hourglass structure holds back advancement of support workforceNeurological screening accessibility and affordability: an interview with Dr Joseph HigginsSignostics gets FDA 510k clearance for handheld bladder scanner The Wall Road Journal: Women Face Higher Costs Shopping for long-term-care insurance is going to get even trickier for family members – – and potentially costlier.Adam C Amaral, Christopher Caldwell, Panos Hatsis, Jakal Amin, Shawn Harriman. Novartis, Cambridge, MA 3. Program: ThP24, Large Throughput Analysis/Robotics Amount: 572, June 27th Thursday. Advancement of a High-Throughput MS-Based Bioanalytical Way for Evaluation of P-Glycoprotein Inhibition Andrew Wagner, Janet Kolb, John Herbst, Tatyana Zvyaga, Conway Charlie, Harold Weller, Wilson Shou, Can Jon Ozbal. Bristol-Myers Squibb Organization, Wallingford, CT; Bristol-Myers Squibb Business, Princeton, NJ; BIOCIUS Existence Sciences, Inc, Woburn, MA.