The flu vaccine may be the best safety against the flu virus, so that it is certainly encouraging to discover that a lot more Canadians are receiving the flu shot this year than ever before. Due to unprecedented, early demand for the flu shot, the Public Health Company of Canada, provinces and territories took the following actions: Purchased 145,000 doses, in addition to the 10.75 million already purchased, of the flu vaccine to be distributed among territories and provinces based on their immediate need.In addition, a staff member connected with improper documentation may be kept liable in a malpractice case. To protect oneself, the staff and company against allegations of negligent treatment and compliance violations, it is important to provide constant training to make sure that files are constantly complete, securely preserved and correctly destroyed if required. 6. Have a tragedy recovery program in place. Catastrophic events can and will take place. It is advisable to assure a hospital’s digital repository is certainly backed up and may be recreated if required. ‘As more healthcare companies adopt EMR systems, it is critical to identify and work to alleviate potential risks before they occur,’ stated Tom Griga, Global Health care Manager, Cintas Document Management.