There are different signs and symptoms of the problem which includes difficulty drifting off to sleep even if folks are feeling tired, the issue of waking up at night time frequently, trouble getting back again to rest when awakened, exhausting rest pattern, reliance on sleeping pills or alcoholic beverages to asleep fall, the nagging issue of waking up prematurily. In the morning, daytime drowsiness, fatigue, or irritability and problems to concentrate throughout the day.The product relieves the stress and warms up the physical body with its natural ingredients. The wraps are of help in offering the rest to sore muscles, exhausted conditions, blood circulation improvement and any additional related factors. The user has to follow the given guidelines related to its 1-2 minute microwave pre-heating. To get the instant comfort the user must gently shift the within herbs laterally. The heat wraps stay warm due to the use of heat retaining natural grains.