International net sales increased 18 percent to $2.0 billion. Gross margin as a %age of net sales was 71.1 percent in the quarter compared to 73.6 percent in the same period a year ago. Marketing, selling and administrative expenditures decreased 8 percent to $980 million in the one fourth. Advertising and product promotion spending increased 16 percent to $194 million in the quarter. Research and advancement expenditures decreased 6 percent to $893 million in the quarter. The effective tax rate on earnings before income taxes was 15.4 percent in the quarter, in comparison to a tax benefit rate of 43.4 percent in the 3rd one fourth last year.When this happens, cells die leading to organ malfunction or even failure over time. Another effect of excessive blood sugars in the blood is the thickening of the bloodstream, making it unable to deliver oxygen to veins, leading to more problems for the individual. So what is it possible to give your father this Christmas day which will help manage his diabetes? Here are some gift suggestions that you can purchase to honor the person that’s important in your daily life. Exercise Stuff. Diabetics have to have some type of exercise to greatly help their body metabolize the surplus blood sugar within their body. You can buy a pair of jogging shoes for low effect walking or perhaps a year’s membership to a health spa for your father. Making them see how important their wellness is through exercise can help make your dad feel special on this day.