Clothes, documents and boxes piled flooring to ceiling; households broken apart because children refuse to return spouses or home won’t endure living like this; shame and humiliation for hoarders who are unable to stop but understand it’s wrong. The people that don’t understand it. You really hurt us by informing us we’re lazy. We’re not really, says Cindy Carroll, who was featured last time of year. It’s hard to become a hoarder.In this situation, thinning hair ultimately progresses to chrome dome stage when the follicles cease to operate. Best answers to stop hair loss. Millions of males who are have problems with male pattern hair thinning have several options. They are able to either choose to take care of the hair thinning chemically, or obtain artificial weaves or wigs if medications is ineffective or difficult or choose permanent solution, hair transplant medical procedures. Or as a comprehensive alternative, covering up hair thinning by 2ndhair building fibers. Chemical drugs: The only FDA medicines open to medically treat hair thinning are Propecia and Rogaine .