In this latest research, the experts fed broccoli sprout extract to rodents that were provided a bladder cancer-inducing chemical called BBN. Some of the pets had been fed the extract over a 12 week period and it had been found that bladder tumor developed in 95.8 % of the rats given BBN but no broccoli sprout extract. But only 37.5 % of the animals which were given the best dose of broccoli sprout extract along with BBN created the cancer. Among the rodents given a lower dose of the extract along with BBN, 73.9 % developed bladder cancer.A Need for Regulation The study reports that 84 % of survey respondents are concerned about unregulated reproductive technology getting out of control. A majority of surveyed People in america desires and expects oversight to make sure safety, quality and precision of reproductive genetic testing. For example, 61 % of respondents agreed that the security and quality of PGD ought to be regulated. But 70 % of survey respondents are also concerned about authorities regulators invading private reproductive decisions. Indeed, only 38 % support the idea of the government regulating PGD based on ethics and morality. These remarkably nuanced attitudes of the American general public aren’t mirrored in the polarized political debates that presently paralyze public policy, Hudson notes.