On the other hand, the focus of the existing gene therapy strategy is on raising GABA, a brain neurotransmitter that regulates movement. In Parkinson’s disease, GABA is reduced in an certain section of the brain known as the subthalamic nucleus, causing it to become overactive. Investigators feel this might be a better way to greatly help advanced Parkinson’s disease. For the clinical trial, the gene therapy product rAAV-GAD shall be placed into the subthalamic nucleus by a medical procedure. The gene transfer is performed through a catheter that’s removed shortly after its placement. Participants shall be assessed post-treatment at multiple intervals. Instead of this experimental treatment, patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease have the choice of deep human brain stimulation.Boy in a bubble gets leukaemia after gene therapy A kid who was simply born with a uncommon immunodeficient condition is rolling out leukaemia due to gene therapy he received at Great Ormond Road children’s medical center in London. The boy who’s now three was created with rare X-linked serious combined immunodeficiency, , a condition which only affects males. It is known as the baby in the bubble syndrome , & most victims die of their first year with no treatment. The boy was presented with gene therapy as a baby to save lots of his life and he’s the first kid in the UK, however the fifth in European countries, to build up leukaemia as a complete result of the procedure.