Apolipoprotein E-4 useful in promoting neuron growth in the lab A protein connected with neuron damage in people who have Alzheimer's disease is surprisingly useful to advertise neuron growth in the lab, according to a new study by engineering researchers at Dark brown University. The findings, in press at the journal Biomaterials, suggest a better method of growing neurons outside the body that might then be implanted to take care of people with neurodegenerative diseases facts . The research compared the consequences of two proteins which you can use as an artificial scaffold for growing neurons from the central nervous system. The study discovered that central nervous program neurons from rats cultured in apolipoprotein E-4 grew much better than neurons cultured in laminin, which had been considered the precious metal standard for growing mammalian neurons in the laboratory.


Appeals courtroom considers Texas abortion clinic law The law, which was ruled unconstitutional last month, would allow Texas to close more than half the state's abortion facilities. Kaiser Health News: Appeals Court Weighs Texas Abortion Laws A federal appeals court in New Orleans is reviewing whether 11 clinics that provide abortion in Texas must immediately close their doorways because they don't adhere to a state laws requiring that they meet all the criteria of an outpatient surgical center . Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell asked the 5th U.S.