Virtually all the Asian victims – 34 Vietnamese, 12 Thais and the Cambodian – have captured it from contaminated poultry. Bird flu kills a lot more than 70 % of these known to have already been contaminated, but doctors state victims could be saved if they’re diagnosed early.. Birdflu vaccine successful on monkeys A bird flu vaccine for human beings could be only a few months away because the success of a vaccine on monkeys in Vietnam, researchers desire to have a vaccine prepared for testing in human beings later this year. Vietnam, the united states hardest strike by the virus which includes killed 47 people in Asia and destroyed many an incredible number of poultry, has already acquired 14 deaths from the bird flu virus in the most recent outbreak that started in December.Their findings, to be examined in a presentation at ESA’s Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, uncovered that silver nanoparticles changed root plant and growth physiology, and the abundance, composition and activity of microbial communities. In plants Specifically, roots close to the soil surface were even more abundant, though biomass of 1 of the five examined plant species reduced by 22 %. In addition, microbial abundance decreased, the species of bacteria present microbial and changed enzyme activities were reduced by as much as 34 %. The contributed oral program Nanomaterials in the surroundings: The effect of realistic silver nanoparticle exposures on terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, led by Benjamin Colman, Duke University, will be held Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 2:50 pm.