The experts, led by Dr. Szabolcs K-ri at the National Institute of Addictions and Psychiatry and University of Szeged in Hungary, recruited 39 individuals identified as having PTSD to take part in the study. For a evaluation group, they included 31 people who had been subjected to trauma also, but who didn’t develop PTSD. The individuals with PTSD received 12 weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy then, whereas the non-PTSD group received no therapy. They also collected bloodstream samples to measure changes in expression of a particular gene, FKBP5, which includes been implicated in the chance for developing PTSD and is important in regulating tension hormones.If you smoke 20 smoking cigarettes daily – – about one pack – – that makes a person four to five instances much more likely to die from tumor, heart disease or smoke-related illnesses. ‘We knew smoking cigarettes was bad, but we now have direct independent proof that confirms the disturbing findings which have been emerging internationally,’ says the study’s lead author, Professor Emily Banks. ‘Natural’ cigarettes still laden with chemicalsThink ‘natural’ cigarettes are therefore the answer? Not necessarily. Although it is possible to grow organic tobacco within an organic field – – without chemicals – – and roll it up in hemp paper or rice paper, then sell it to the ‘natural’ smokers; however, ‘Big Tobacco’ desires no part of this.