Class action lawsuit calls out In&T for aiding cellphone thieves for profit A class action lawsuit filed against AT&T alleges the telecom huge aids and abets cell phone theft by reactivating phones that have been stolen, furthermore to fraudulently informing customers the business cannot block calls to and from their stolen phones so they have to buy new kinds. Papers filed in Superior Courtroom in Sacramento, Calif., April 11 state the ongoing company will that ‘in order to make millions of dollars in improper profits, by forcing legitimate customers [ ?use of Clomid . ] to get new cell phones, and purchase new cell phone plans, as the criminals who stole the phone can easily simply head into AT&T shops and ‘re-activate’ the devices, using different, cheap, readily available ‘SIM’ cards .’ The fit, filed by three Californians, alleges that AT&T committed conspiracy, fraud, breach of contract, accessory to theft, unfair trade and other improper practices.

In any event – whether Fatah does know this or not really – what he’s advocating is usually that the federal government simply print another $12 billion, or borrow it from governments like China, to throw down the dark hole of another federal agency that some state should receive even more oversight scrutiny, if it gets additional money linked to Sandy especially. Not just that, as CNSNews pointed out, any new spending would violate budgetary caps set up by Congress in the Spending budget Control Action of 2011, though there are provisions for the reason that legislation that allow for spending on natural disasters.