4. Eating healthful and keeping excess weight under check: will help prevent diabetes, heart diseases and CKD. Reduced salt intake 5-6gms of salt each day and avoiding adding extra salt to meals prevents BP, CKD. 5. Smoking cessation: Smoking displays READ MORE

Relating to a McMaster University led research.

‘The info that people obtained were so excellent that our plots instantly revealed a huge drop in incidence when colleges were shut for the summertime,’ says Earn. ‘Using state-of-the-art modeling, we then demonstrated that transmission was reduced by at least READ MORE

Cardiac stem cell therapy research Since the year 2000.

The outcome of this inefficient restoration can have a significant impact on the electrical and mechanical features of the surviving myocardium. Contact: Marc Penn, MD, PhD, director, Skirball Laboratory for Cardiovascular Cellular Therapeutics, NE3, Departments of Cardiovascular Cell and Medication READ MORE

Lymph bone and nodes.

A multi-center phase II research with Tc-99m MIP-1404 in 100 individuals was lately completed, and the info were presented at 2014 SNMMI Annual Getting together with in St. Louis, Mo. Progenics Pharmaceuticals has programs to conduct a stage III trial READ MORE

Other Republicans assault Medicaid requirements.

Barbour, other Republicans assault Medicaid requirements, ‘Romneycare’ Three governors testified prior to the Republican-controlled Home Energy and Commerce Committee today, as the GOP released a written report on Medicaid costs. Haley Barbour strike Mitt Romney’s so-known as RomneyCare health care READ MORE

The team-led by Brian Stoltz.

For this reason, the FDA has more and more needed that the molecules in a specific medication be present in only one form. So not merely are we making difficult carbon-carbon bonds, we’re also making them such that the resulting READ MORE

According to a paper posted in Cancer Discovery.

McDonald stated they carried out their initial study in neuroendocrine pancreatic tumors because the genetic mouse model of these tumors offers been studied so extensively, and then observed the effect in other tumors as well. The intent of the study READ MORE