Moreover, there are a variety of features observed in these haemorrhoidal veins, leading to problems like fissures and fistulas. * Issues discovered with piles – The issue of piles primarily includes swollen veins just underneath the mucosa of the anal passage which gets bruised during defecation, which in turn leads to bleeding. Gradually, with additional onslaughts of constipation and irregular bowel behaviors, the engorged veins show symptoms of infection, and get frustrated by painful condition then. In some people, the infection and pain boosts to this extent that it creates sitting down impossible.This test detects HIV antibodies using a unique fluorescent dye and a microscope, and is normally used to verify the outcomes of an ELISA test. Polymerase chain response This check finds either the RNA of the HIV virus or the HIV DNA in white blood cells infected with the virus. PCR tests is not carried out as as antibody assessment frequently, because it requires technical skill and expensive products. This test could be done in the full days or weeks after contact with the virus. Genetic material may be found even if other checks are adverse for the virus. The PCR check is quite useful to find a very recent an infection, determine if an HIV infections exists when antibody test outcomes were uncertain, and display organs or blood for HIV before donation..