‘I have worked for a lot more than 25 years developing therapeutics for the treating cancer and I have never seen a target so broadly expressed on different forms of tumor as VAR2CSA,’ said John Babcook, CSO and President of Kairos Therapeutics. John and a group of researchers at Kairos Therapeutics have developed a novel technology to arm antibodies and other targeting proteins with high potency poisons that may be used to specifically kill cancer cells. Kairos teamed up with researchers at VAR2 Pharmaceuticals, led by Drs. Mads Daugaard and Ali Salanti, and jointly they demonstrated that the glucose molecule is actually a focus on for anti-cancer medicines, and that the VAR2CSA malarial protein could provide the device for delivering Kairos’ powerful cancer killing toxins to tumours.There are several experts saying bodyweight teaching will not give any results on your own figure and instead, you should concentrate on doing all your exercises on machines because you are allowed by them to include more weight, and all you need to consider is to function that muscle mass as hard as possible just. On the other hand, there are specialists saying bodyweight training may be the optimal kind of training since it frequently includes multi-joint exercises , gives you an operating and strong body.