The scholarly study was published online Jan. 23 in the journal Archives of Neurology. The researchers asked 65 healthy, cognitively regular adults age range 60 and over to price how regularly they participated in such mentally engaging activities as going to the library, reading books or newspapers, and writing letters or email. The questions centered on various factors in life from age group 6 to the present. The participants completed testing to assess memory and other cognitive functions also, and received positron emission tomography scans using a new substance that originated to visualize the amyloid protein. The mind scans of the old adults were compared with those of 10 sufferers identified as having Alzheimer’s disease and 11 healthy people within their 20s.We understand that our esteemed customers need an all in one package that may define their most remarkable day. We have sat down with this customers and specialists in the field of event and wedding planning to craft the very best packages ever. So be ready to enjoy most affordable services and produce that full day indelible in your calendar of events. Be ready to experience a marriage experience like no other. Our bridal packages are categorized in to 3 packages .The first package is : Package 1 Hair trial Make up trial Body massage as high as an hour Facial waxing Cuts and style Manicure Pedicure Wedding day hair and make up Lunch Beverages Wedding survival tool kit Eyebrow tinting/arching All at an extremely affordable cost and guaranteed professional advice.