The study found: Around 9 percent of kids allergic to tree nuts outgrow their allergy, including kids who have had a previous severe allergic reaction. Kids who are allergic to multiple types of tree nuts are unlikely to outgrow their allergy. 58 percent of kids with tree nut specific IgE levels of significantly less than 5 kilounits per liter exceeded an oral challenge. Predicated on these findings, researchers recommend that children with a current tree nut allergy become re-evaluated periodically by their allergist/immunologist to assess whether they have developed a tolerance and whether an oral challenge should be given. While an ideal cut-off is not established, researchers claim that oral challenges is highly recommended in kids four years and old, and who have less than five kilounits per liter of tree-nut specific IgE within their blood.However, I believe there remains a substantial unmet medical need for new therapies, particularly for individuals who present with or develop thrombocytopenia while on treatment. We are pleased to possess the PERSIST-2 trial underway to evaluate the ability of pacritinib to address this matter. PERSIST-2 is a randomized, open-label, multi-center scientific trial analyzing pacritinib in patients with myelofibrosis whose platelet counts are less than or add up to 100,000/uL.