Seligmann Charitable Trust. Prof. Yarden may be the incumbent of the Zelda and Harold Goldenberg Professorial Chair in Molecular Cell Biology. Prof. Michael Sela’s analysis is supported by the Y. Leon Benoziyo Institute for Molecular Medicine, and the Lola and Dolfi Ebner Center for Biomedical Research. Prof. Sela may be the incumbent of the W. Garfield Weston Professorial Seat of Immunology.. Cancer patients may 1 day benefit from treatment with mixtures of customized antibodies Cancer patients might 1 day benefit from treatment with mixtures of customized antibodies. In a study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , a team of Weizmann Institute scientists have demonstrated how the right combination might form a web that destroys the tumor cell’s communication network, ultimately demobilizing the cell.Jeff Poston, executive director of the Canadian Pharmacists Association says Canada can be sleepwalking toward a calamity and if U.S. Politicians toss the drug import doorways wide open, the trade in pharmaceuticals could overwhelm Canada’s price-control system. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association, representing pharmacists mixed up in Internet trade, denies any threat of shortages, its executive director, David Mackay, is on record as stating that drug manufacturers around the world are capable of producing as much medicine as needed in THE UNITED STATES.