Brits warned against ‘maverick’ stem cell treatments Several top scientists in Britain have got warned patients to be wary of extravagant claims made for unorthodox stem cell treatments offered abroad and that some stem cell remedies could be killers. In a letter to THE DAYS newspaper, the experts while lauding the united kingdom for establishing itself as a global world leader in such research, say some foreign treatments, in particular those provided for multiple sclerosis and aesthetic skin treatment, had been unproven, not put through independent review and may be dangerous. In Britain, a handful of treatments have already been licensed, principally for dealing with leukaemia and eyesight and skin disorders, and the group state that while they welcome efforts to translate research results as fast as possible into clinical benefits, it should only be achieved in the context of rigorous scientific scrutiny rx tablets .

The clinic says it stopped using the PIP implants in 2005.. Britain needs data on risky breast implants LONDON – Britain’s wellness secretary offers demanded that personal U.K. Clinics source data by the finish of the week on what many French-made PIP breasts implants possess ruptured in Britain. PICTURES: Breasts implants: Where they’re biggest Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said Wednesday that officials don’t possess good data on amounts of implant failures in British patients. Some 42,000 women in Britain are believed to have obtained the implants. The implants, made by now-defunct French firm Poly Implant Prothese, were pulled from the market this past year in countries around Europe and SOUTH USA amid fears they could rupture and leak silicone into the body.