Chinese men harming wives by smoking too much Chinese men are putting their wives at increased risk of long-term illness and early death by smoking, finds a study in this week’s British Medical Journal . Contact with environmental tobacco smoke is connected with a 15-35 percent excess risk of cardiovascular system disease and lung cancers. Environmental tobacco smoke can also be linked to stroke and additional cancers, though proof is scarce. The rate of smoking cigarettes in Chinese men can be high, but most Chinese women do not smoke. This provides a good opportunity to evaluate this association in women. Over 72,000 females took part in the study. They were aged between 40 and 70, had hardly ever smoked, and lived in seven regions of urban Shanghai, China.

To avoid or treat heart disease the Heart Foundation does not recommend consuming chocolate , drinking coffee, red wine or other styles of alcoholic drinks or using antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin supplements E and C.. Chocolate protects heart but stirs debate about intake By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD A new study demonstrates chocolates are advantageous for heart health. The study released in the British Medical Journal and provided at the European Cardiology Society’s annual congress in Paris analyzed data from seven studies including 114,009 adults, ages 25 to 93, and including information on the diets and occurrences of coronary disease over periods from eight to 16 years. Chocolate intake had no effect on the occurrence of center failure.