As a total result of research by researchers at Southampton University, the FSA has updated it’s advice on several common food additives but has however stopped short of warning that all children should avoid them. The research by Professor Jim Stevenson demonstrated there were links between some E amount additives and hyperactivity in youngsters and recommended the additives posed a threat to the mental health of children. Nevertheless the FSA provides rejected phone calls to warn that all children should not consume such additives and provides instead promised to create it’s current advice even more explicit ; the FSA has also called on the food industry to reduce its use of additives.‘Millions of Americans have growing problems about the direction the United States is normally heading in, both nationally, as well as internationally,’ says the summit website. There is little doubt that that is true. Click here to register for the Global Freedom Summit 2014.. Chronically high degrees of insulin may block specific hormones that trigger energy release in to the physical body Chronically high levels of insulin, as is situated in many people with Type and obesity II diabetes, may block specific hormones that trigger energy release into the physical body, according to researchers at the University of California, NORTH PARK School of Medicine.