.. Cognizant announces acquisition of Cadient Group Cognizant today announced it has acquired Cadient Group, a full-service digital marketing company that serves a wide spectrum of life sciences businesses in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health, and medical device industries. This acquisition additional strengthens and expands Cognizant's digital marketing capabilities, enabling brand marketing leaders to transform the way they position their offerings in the digital landscape as they design, develop and bring in multi-channel marketing initiatives, start brands, build communities, drive analytics and insights, and develop a compelling customer experience. The terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed. Life sciences companies around the world have increased their emphasis on web significantly, mobile, and cultural engagement with all their stakeholders, while increasingly leveraging enterprise-level analytics to drive a customer-centric method of sales and marketing.A few of the same doctors used a similar approach on several kids with peanut allergies a couple of years ago. Eleven % of infants’ allergic reactions to food are intentionally due to their caregivers Food allergies affect more city kids than rural ones For the study, published in the July 19 problem of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers enrolled 55 kids ages 5 to 18. Forty received tiny daily amounts of powdered egg white, the part that always causes the allergy.