CNN web host Fareed Zakaria could be a serial plagiarist Plagiarism for a reporter, broadcaster, researcher or educational generally is a career-killer, but also for some mainstream media outlets, it doesn’t seem to matter much, so long as the accused can be well-connected to the effective politically. According to various reports, CNN sponsor Fareed Zakaria is quite possibly not really a plagiarist but a serial one at that; as The Daily Beast notes, he’s currently fending off brand-new charges that he has plagiarized lots of his written function – – so much so that some publications are even attaching warnings to his work more . As further reported by Newsmax, which cited The DB’s survey: Zakaria, has arrive under fire from two contributors to a blog called ‘Our Bad Media.’ The set, who say they blog as a hobby, have spent three months poring over Zakaria’s writings, and say they possess found numerous cases of plagiarism.