Another large analysis query is how cells repair damaged DNA and consequently prevent cancer, for example.. Chromosome glue repairs broken DNA When a strand of DNA breaks in the body’s cells, it does not take long until it has been repaired normally. Now researchers at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet can see a new mechanism that helps to explain the way the cell performs these repairs. The results are offered in the journal Research. The new results are worried about a phenomenon called cohesion, whereby two copies of a chromosome in the cell nucleus are kept tightly together by a protein complex called cohesin.Eighty % of sufferers who received the medication and laser treatment reported an 80 % improvement in nasal wellness in comparison to 56 % in the laser beam group alone. The advantage of laser alone lasted four to six months generally, and of the laser with the Avastin, up to 2 yrs. In the February 2010 edition of Laryngoscope A recent case study was published. This is the first scientific record of controlling HHT epistaxis by spraying the Avastin in to the nasal area.