China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals expands chain of drugstores to 103 China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc. , one of the leading health items distribution and retail sales companies in China, announced the opening of three new chain drugstores in Changchun City today. THE BUSINESS also believes that its area near medical device makers in Changchun Town will open new potential opportunities to do something as a distributor of high-margin medical gadgets. Yongxin Liu, Chairman and CEO, The ceremony was a huge success, as it attracted a big gathering of interested regional residents, increasing awareness of the Yongxin company in the grouped community. Yongxin Liu added.By merging a sensor and a pump, people with diabetes can take relatively immediate actions to adjust their glucose levels,’ said Aaron Kowalski, PhD, Director of Strategic Research Projects at JDRF. ‘Research clearly demonstrates the risks associated with diabetes complications are often directly linked with close control. With technical advancements, diabetes patients will be able to maintain healthier sugar levels and, as a result, prevent or delay devastating complications associated with diabetes.’ He mentioned that JDRF is usually involved in a significant program to fund research to illustrate the potential clinical of constant glucose monitors and closed-loop artificial pancreas systems.