B: It’s a ten-billion dollar industry. Now there is a report that truly these statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs produce amnesia. Put simply, the brain totally loses tabs on what it’s doing, and it is published by a health care provider who’s an eminent doctor. He was a airline flight surgeon, he is a researcher at NASA. And he knows what he’s talking about. He had the nagging issue himself. Mike: I just wished to comment on the number of side effects that have been documented as unwanted effects from using statin medications. Some social people have extreme muscular pain, that amnesia you pointed out seems to be very common, and yet a study just came out, I noticed it this early morning, talking about how blueberries have phytonutrients that are proven to lower so-known as fatty cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, more than statin drugs powerfully.The brains were compared by The experts of three different mouse types of AD to brains from regular mice, looking designed for markers of cell cycling. They discovered that, in the Advertisement mouse models, cell cycle-related proteins appeared in neurons six months before the first amyloid plaques or disease-related immune reactions created in the mind. Many of the neurons had increased amounts of chromosomes also, which is normal of cells that have started to divide. These noticeable changes were not observed in normal mice.