After going for a closer look at their consumption interviews, the researchers discovered that half these injuries happened during an extramarital affair. What makes extramarital sex so harmful for men down there? Maybe its a bit like real estate – location, location, location. The researchers say the unconventional places where affairs happen may have something regarding it. Only three of the accidental injuries occurred in the bed room, the others were rendezvous areas including vehicles, elevators, offices, or public restrooms. The study authors state those out-of-the ordinary encounters will become more rushed and tough than bedroom sex Oddly enough, most of the men in the scholarly study were candid about how their injury occurred.Jude group showed in laboratory types of both adult and fetal brains that exposure to cocaine alters the nerve bodies around the brain called the substantia nigra. This harm made the neurons even more susceptible to MPTP, a toxin recognized to cause symptoms of PD. The nigrostriatal system is normally a pathway of nerves that originates in the region called the considerable nigra pars compacta and spreads out into certain other areas of the brain. The neurons in the neurotransmitter be made by the SNpc dopamine, and degeneration of this certain region and the nigrostriatal program is among the main hallmarks of PD, regarding to Richard Smeyne, Ph.D., an associate person in the St.