The Wall Street Journal: Ebola Response Strains Hospitals As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa expands, more cases could need treatment at U.S. Hospitals definately not the specialized centers that have handled patients up to now. But the challenges even these medical centers possess encountered display the steep learning curve others encounter. Treating Ebola takes money, space, aggressive treatment and obsessive vigilance to avoid nurses and doctors from obtaining infected, state infectious disease doctors at such specialized hospitals in Omaha and Atlanta, Neb.This is an important medicine for these individuals because they’re at the highest risk for cardiovascular disease, stated Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Merck’s chief medical officer. Individuals shouldn’t stop taking this medicine by themselves. They should talk to their doctor. Patients suffering from the muscle damage, called myopathy, experience discomfort, tenderness, weakness, and elevation of a muscles enzyme called creatine kinase.