And enjoys swimming and riding her bike.

Arthritis estimated to price $33 billion annually to the Canadian economy Economic impact of arthritis estimated to be $33 billion annually Siena Pacheco is five years aged, and enjoys swimming and riding her bike. Sheila Stone has a couple of READ MORE

Back again pain attitudes questionnaire developed By Lucy Piper.

Back again pain attitudes questionnaire developed By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter Researchers are suffering from a back discomfort screening device that assesses the attitudes of individuals with back discomfort, the overall population and healthcare experts. Developed from in-depth qualitative READ MORE

Prices for oral contraceptives.

College Contraceptive Costs Spike Millions of college students are facing sharply higher charges for birth control suddenly, prompting concerns among health officials that some will shift to less preferred contraceptives or stop using them altogether. Prices for oral contraceptives, or READ MORE

With results from a schizophrenia study using Cogstate&39.

This four-year trial, a multi-site worldwide effort, will check three anti-amyloid-beta interventions: gantenerumab, solanezumab and a third, up to now undetermined, drug.?.. Cogstate test shows effective treatment choice for schizophrenia Medical technology company Cogstate continues to strengthen its position as READ MORE