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The voltage changes aren’t an indicator of cancer merely. They control and immediate whether the cancers occurs or not really.’ Their paper, ‘Transmembrane Voltage Potential can be an Important Cellular Parameter for the Recognition and Control of Tumor Advancement’ will READ MORE

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The discovery of the pathway opens the door to possible drug therapy for the disease thus. This is because the inhibition of any stage along this pathway must have beneficial results. Weimbs and his team are currently capitalizing on these READ MORE

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The task developing the biochip, referred to as the IBDChip, was completed with the collaboration of Dr . Carlos Cara of UCB Pharma. The biochip happens to be analysing 46 mutations linked to inflammatory bowel disease and can READ MORE


By documenting patient medication information, and posting data between all users of the care team through MTMPath software, patients can knowledge improved health outcomes, as they will have a better understanding of their conditions and how exactly to manage them. READ MORE

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Recipients of a healthcare facility IT Executive of the entire year Award must demonstrate established leadership within their facility, and also the hospital IT sector, and prove their capability to implement leading edge technology that increases the individual care experience READ MORE