Dr Morales said: These states have a high prevalence of obesity and a high fat diet which explains the amount of diabetes. Typically 31 percent of adults in Mexico have hypertension. Amounts increase with age and two-thirds of 70 year-olds have hypertension. Typically 40 percent of Mexicans possess high levels of bad cholesterol . Dr Morales said: In addition to the high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in Mexico we’ve low detection. Just 50 percent of people with diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia or hypertension know they have it.Thursday’s fresh initiative is named the National NHS Personnel Seasonal Flu Vaccine Advertising campaign. It will build on the successful efforts produced last wintertime by the NHS’s north-west strategic health authority to motivate personnel to obtain jabbed and make it possible for them to take action. Flu includes a hugely negative impact on the NHS and is certainly fatal in way too many instances. By working together we can achieve plenty of vaccinations to dramatically decrease the current risky of flu spreading within the NHS.