Healthcare system is broken, but neither candidate on Wednesday shown voters with a clear notion of how to correct it. Their feedback about Medicare, Medicaid and health care in general dominated a lot more than one-one fourth of a presidential debate and provided both candidates a chance to articulate their plans for an estimated 50 million viewers . National Journal: One Bright Spot For Obama In Debate: Medicare In a tough debate for President Obama, Medicare may have been the high stage. Obama made a solid case that the Medicare reform proposal offered by Mitt Romney could change costs to seniors and possibly undermine the traditional government insurance program, if the plan includes it as an option even.After knowing that it was certainly broken and not simply badly sprained, we went to Gottlieb Memorial Medical center Professional Building where Dr. Jeffrey Meisles explained the break in the tibia and casted Riley, she stated. I chose green, my favorite color, said Riley, of the shoe that causes him to use crutches also. Riley experienced a fracture in the tibia, which may be the most common long-bone fracture, and will likely heal without any problems, said Meisles, an orthopedic expert. The tibia is usually a weight-bearing bone, in fact it is essential that it heal correctly, so we will assess his progress in the next few weeks.