These pollutants are raising the ratio of cancers showing picture that if this contamination isn’t given tight knot increase survival risk to the greatest extent.. Can Water Contamination be Responsible For Cancer? Cancer statistics implies that four from every ten Americans are diagnosed with cancer tumor and unfortunately every two of each ten die of the condition. Still there are several precautions by which cancer can be low in the life. Important point which all the doctors recommend is normally that to check the lifestyle to make a excellent difference in lifestyle. Managing way of life by avoid smoking, reduced drinking, control over the weight, exercising and constantly ensure to eat healthy.Anne L. Coleman, M.D., Ph.D., the Fran and Ray Stark professor of ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eyesight Institute at UCLA and director of the Academy’s Hoskins Middle for Quality Eye Care, led the extensive research. The medical records of about 400,000 individuals who had cataract surgery had been analyzed for hip fractures that happened within one year of cataract medical procedures. This data was then compared to hip fracture incidence in a matched group of sufferers who acquired cataracts, but did not have cataract surgery.