Sagwal has a Ph.D. In Medicinal chemistry. She has done the drug design and discovery of antimicrobial and anticancer agents and has published peer-reviewed content articles in scientific journals. With a fascination for research, nature and its own medicinal powerhouse, it is her passion to share and spread the data from latest scientific discoveries. The info is based upon scientific experiments, facts, peer-review and analyses. We could utilize it to stay healthy, keep fit, ward off diseases or just be happy.And, finally, tidy up your oral act. Avoiding plaque build-up, removing mercury-centered fillings and avoiding root canals can move quite a distance to improving the standard of your life. Need to live an extended, healthier, happier existence? Our following guest on the NaturalNews Chat Hour is among the finest anti-ageing experts on the planet. Sign up for us for a particular night. This Thursday night at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern The NaturalNews Chat Hour begins, and registration is Free of charge. Just enter your email in the registration type on the proper column of the page and you will receive call-in information for the show. Tension and Premature Loss of life Chronic stress could cause the arteries in your center to squeeze and trigger your bloodstream to clot as well intensely, resulting in a coronary attack or stroke.