But within a couple weeks of the outbreak, we educated teams to treat the condition and increased usage of supplies, based on the blog. The new CDC report lay[s] out the lessons learned since cholera emerged in Haiti and what must be done to maintain the progress that is made to deal with the condition and prevent deaths, your blog notes, adding, The very best lessons may seem fairly simple and include training more wellness workers, educating residents and improving sanitation systems . This content was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J.‘It’s been known for some time that the rate of type 2 diabetes is above average in people with ciliopathy, which really is a pathological ciliary dysfunction’, says Jantje Gerdes, previously at Karolinska Institutet and today at the Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Analysis at the HMGU, first writer of the scholarly study. ‘Our results confirm this observation and also explain how cilia are linked to glucose fat burning capacity and diabetes.’ The researchers investigated the function of ciliary cell extensions in the insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells.