For additional information about Burnham and to learn about methods to support its research, go to.. Burnham awarded $7.39 million for study on Neuron-Glia communication in development A team of experts at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research has been awarded $7.39 million from the National Institute of Kid Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health. They outnumber neurons in the brain and spinal-cord by a factor of 10:1 and offer physical and dietary support for neurons.Ligon was became a member of in the extensive analysis by Rensselaer doctoral college student Maria Apostolopoulou. The extensive research was funded by the American Cancer Society. The research implies that a specialized type of molecule known as Cadherin-23 are available in and around breast cancer tumors. The molecule, which had never been associated with breast cells or cancer, assists connect cancerous tumor cells to its neighboring healthy tissue, called the stroma.