The new research shows in fact that any office desk is home to far more bacteria compared to the toilet as the common office desktop has 400 times more bacteria compared to the average workplace toilet seat. Evidently if you are a woman, the odds are your workspace provides more germs than your man colleagues. Researchers at the University of Arizona found that females seemed to have more ‘stuff’ in their offices, from makeup bags to images of family. Women it seems have three to four times the true number of bacteria in, on and around their desks, phones, computer systems, keyboards, drawers and personal products as men do.No blood tests are essential Usually.If pneumonia is suspected, a chest X-ray may be ordered.Oxygen saturation may be measured by placing a sensor on the finger. That is known as pulse oximetry.Pulmonary function testing by a pulmonologist may be useful in diagnosing chronic bronchitis. A microscopic examination and/or culture of a sample of phlegm might be obtained to look for a bacterial infection.. Best HERBAL TREATMENTS For Low Libido Issue TO IMPROVE Power and Stamina In Males Lack of libido is common in males aged over 45 years. It among the killers of libido is certainly job stress.