Indications of a baby having such a reaction to food range from: frequent spitting up or vomiting apparent belly pain bloody, mucousy stools hard stools rash and swelling If you think your baby has had a reaction to food, call your doctor and prevent feeding on or drinking anything your little one can’t seem to tolerate. If your baby has problems with feeding, try to keep a journal of just what you eat and drink, along with any reactions your child had, which could help both you and your doctor pinpoint what the problem food, or foods, might be.During a latest interview on The Jimmy Fallon Show, Freeman spoke stoically about how he mixes two parts sugars with one part water each day to feed his valuable bees what they need to survive and thrive. He doesn’t wear a defensive suit when he does this, either – – Freeman says he ‘resonates’ with the bees, which is why they don’t ever try to strike or sting him. Although the bit on Fallon’s show was provided up in jest of Freeman’s self-admitted ‘oneness’ with his bees, cogent viewers were given the opportunity to collect a more enlightening message. Morgan Freeman adopts holistic method of sustaining bees in his newly-converted refuge During a recent mass media tour for his new film Lucy, Morgan went into further detail about why he’s decided to raise bees.