Spotting breast malignancy at an early stage makes a real difference to women's chance of surviving the disease, and we must ensure this is possible for all.’.. Breast tumor survival is poorer among women surviving in more deprived areas, study shows Hundreds of women with breast cancer surviving in England's most deprived areas would have better survival rates if indeed they were diagnosed at the same stage as those that lived in affluent areas. A fresh study led by the University of Leicester, dealing with colleagues from Community Wellness England and the University of Cambridge, investigated how much of a difference late-stage analysis had on women from deprived areas.‘Cancer cells rapidly evolve a variety of body’s defence mechanism to evade the effects of the oncologist's drug arsenal. Regrettably, clinical ways of behind get over these lag far,’ Borden described. ‘This mismatch likely underlies our inability to apply brand-new durable treatment strategies.’ Nevertheless, in her paper published in Cancer Analysis entitled ‘When will resistance be futile?’, Borden describes one way that cancer goes about this evolution, providing researchers with a possible tool for disarming this protection.