In Franck’s case, it blocked the nerves that stimulated his salivary glands therefore reducing their secretions to a standard level. The newborn then needed repeated shots every 4-6 months for one. 5 years until his glands shrunk and halted overproducing saliva. Since this 1st attempt 5 years back, Dr. Daniel offers performed over 1000 Botox treatments in small children including 12 in newborns.. Botox effective for CHARGE Syndrome in infants Botulinum toxin, called Botox also, is best referred to as probably the most commonly used molecules to lessen wrinkles.If that sequence changes due to genetic drift, the organic evolution of the virus as time passes, then the drugs may not work effectively. Our work highlights the genetic changes that could affect these sequence-based drugs which were originally designed in the first 2000's based on virus strains from outbreaks in 1976 and 1995, says Palacios. The united group compared the entire genomic sequence of the current outbreak strain, known as EBOV/Mak, with two other Ebola virus variants–one from an outbreak in Yambuku, Zaire in 1976 called EBOV/Yam-May, and one from an outbreak in Kikwit, Zaire in 1995 known as EBOV/Kik-9510621.