The symptoms of discomfort and swelling at the bite site develop quickly in contrast to CSD symptoms. Since about 80 percent of cat bites become infected, the majority of people with cat bites have to be treated with antibiotics.. Cat Scratch Disease Signs or symptoms The first symptoms of CSD start about three to 2 weeks after getting scratched, bitten superficially, or licked by a cat, usually a kitten. These symptoms contain a number of papules or pustules on your skin where the cat scratch, bite, or lick occurred. Generally in most patients, these begin to disappear over about one to three weeks spontaneously.Another 14,429 control patients were prescribed alternative medication. Through the first 12 months follow-up period, 106 incident cases of type-2 diabetes cropped among all studied individuals up. The rate of those placed on anti psychotic drugs was three times higher within the first year. Also, the average age for drug-induced diabetes occurrence was 16.7 years. The authors of the analysis recognized many unknown cases of diabetes also cropping up within six months of antipsychotic medication use. They summarize: ‘In this cohort of kids and youth who got recently initiated usage of an antipsychotic or a control psychotropic medication, antipsychotic users had a risk of recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes three-times higher than that for propensity score-matched controls.