From these results, Lathan and his co-workers figured , more attention ought to be paid from what people consider lung malignancy, and we ought to think about methods to change misperceptions. .. Black Us citizens’ beliefs may hamper lung cancer prevention and care Blacks in the usa are less certain than whites about suggestions to avoid lung cancer and so are more fearful of experiencing symptoms evaluated, beliefs that might keep them from looking for timely treatment for the condition, researchers from Dana-Farber Cancers Institute reported in the American Culture of Clinical Oncology’s annual conference in Chicago... Center for Health System Administration announces grant to implement Positive Youth Justice Initiative THE GUTS for Health Program Administration, and funding partners Sierra Wellness Basis, The California Endowment and The California Wellness Foundation announced that $1.6 million in grant funding has been awarded to four counties to apply an innovative method of juvenile justice reform referred to as the Positive Youth Justice Initiative. Alameda County Probation Division, NORTH PARK County Probation Division, San Joaquin County Probation Division and Vallejo Town Unified School District in Solano County had been each awarded $400,000 for a two-year period to test a series of reforms made to transform juvenile justice into a more simply, effective system and significantly enhance the lives of the youth they engage across California.