While the school is not officially shut parents are being recommended to consider keeping kids in the home and to look for symptoms as a precaution.. Australian H1N1 flu toll climbs to 17 The most recent update, # 37, from the World Wellness Organisation on the influenza A H1N1 outbreak says by the 23rd of May, 43 countries have finally officially reported 12,022 cases, including 86 deaths. The even worse affected countries stay Mexico with 3,892 situations including 75 deaths, america with 6,552 instances including 9 deaths, Canada with 719 situations including 1 loss of life, Japan with 321 situations no deaths, Spain with 126 cases no deaths and the uk with 117 cases no deaths.The beginning of this stage II research is another essential step of progress for BI-505 and we think that BI-505 gets the potential to address a significant unmet want in a wide population of patients. Leads to date shed light on the cause of the devastating disease. ‘Our results indicate that regular degrees of a gene called C9ORF72 are necessary for the proper electric motor function of zebrafish, and lack of its function causes neurodegeneration,’ explains Dr. Kabashi. That is necessary information, as ALS is definitely due to the death of engine neurons connecting the mind to the muscles. As the specific causes of ALS have eluded scientists for years, the announcement from Dr. Kabashi represents an important step forward, in hopes of someday finding new therapies and, a remedy.