As much as possible, avoid liquor and colas hours before you sleep. Caffeinated drinks stay in the body for eight hours before their stimulating results wear off. 2. Try to schedule dinner early in the evening. A full stomach can wake you up in the evening. Keep away from foods that take longer time to digest like meat, fatty food, and some vegetables. Moreover, if you do not have very much tolerance for spicy or acidic meals, avoid them because they might cause gastrointestinal problems or heartburn in the middle of the night. 3. Daily cardio exercise in the early morning or in the later afternoon can promote sound sleep. A 30-minute exercise can increase your body’s temperature for four hours, which can make you stay awake and alert. When your body’s temperature decreases, it activates melatonin production signaling that it is time to sleep.Sometimes, their reproductive systems are also suffering from the same and in a few full cases which can be dangerous as well. This is why that young boys should be very much cautious about their sex organs and in the event if any difficulty must check out to the nearest wellness physician. Through the sleeping time during the night, boys often encounter nightfall or undesired ejaculation and if it proceeds regularly then that’s not a positive indication and that may even affect your wellbeing badly.